Can We Help You?

If you have problems in the following areas our expertise could help you save time and money on the way to acceptable solutions.

  • Laboratory Data and Information Storage and Archiving
    • From Instrument to Report
    • Data Organisation (where is that file?)
    • Compliance (FDA 21CFRpart11 etc.)
    • Data Migration
    • Data Standards (IUPAC JCAMP-DX and ASTM AnIML)
  • Workflow Management
    • Digital Signatures
    • Electronic Forms
    • Intelligent Forms
  • Electronic SOP Generation
    • Secure Documentation
    • Review and Publication
    • Document Generation Workflow
  • Programme and Project Management
    • Requirements Generation
    • Solution Selection
    • Project Planning and Execution
    • Decommissioning
  • LIMS
    • Instrument Connectivity
    • LIMS integration with other IT systems
  • IP Protection
    • Electronic Systems and Evidence
    • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Integration
    • Data and Evidence Storage & Retrieval
  • Customised Training/Seminars


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