The resolution of anything complex into its simple elements

  • We listen.
  • Any consultancy project is based on listening to the needs of the customer expressed in their own words – analyzing their problems then breaking down their wishes into clearly understandable challenges to be met.

A location set apart for experiments in natural science and especially in chemistry, and for the manufacture of chemicals

  • This is our turf. This is our battleground.
  • Years of fighting with incompatible equipment, unnetworkable instrumentation, analysis packages with no way to get data in, reporting packages with no way to get results out.
  • We have been there and done it ourselves which is why we understand your problems from the bench on up.

To put into shape, to arrange, compose, to form by imparting learning or instruction, to teach, to advise, to direct, to guide, to impart knowledge, to give information, to make known

  • After over a year of market research, we know that there is an urgent need for an expert resource like ALIS provides.
  • We put our knowledge at the disposal of your teams to inform on the latest and best developments in the analytical laboratory informatics market place.
  • We take on the training of your staff in the skills sets they should possess to be able to make the best decisions to optimise your return on investment.

The act or process of solving, a particular method of solving, an explanation, answer or decision, the termination of a crisis, the action of releasing or setting free, deliverance.

  • We take the information we have harvested from our analysis of your requirements.
  • We apply our knowledge gained from years of experience in this environment to point you towards one or more solutions.
  • We help you to find the best solution to meet your priorities and budget.
  • We draw on the skills sets available within your own organisation
  • We provide a service which can cover the whole of the project from initial ideas brought togther in mediated brainstorming sessions...
  • to taking on the full project planning and deployment of your new laboratory informatics solution.
  • And of course anything in between!