Dirk Aulike Tony Davies

Former Director, ALIS GmbH - Responsible for Sales, Business Development and Consulting Services.

Consulted in the field of Laboratory Informatics including Company Analyses, Laboratory Workflow Mapping and Solution Design.

Dirk started his professional life on the laboratory floor including shift work with Degussa Hüls AG in Marl before moving into the areas of Quality Control and IT deployments.

A qualified Oracle DBA, Dirk became responsible for the support of many of the IT systems found in the chemical industry including LIMS, Infrastructure and Document Management Systems.

In 1998 Dirk was recruited into the supplier side of our industry working as an International Key Account manager for Creon Lab Control GmbH (Later Waters Corporation) where he applied his industry know-how to diagnosing problems and providing informatics solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries.

In Feb 2008 Dirk moved on to work for the american company MasterControl to help establish their European presence. We would like to thank Dirk for all his help establishing ALIS GmbH in 2007.
Director, ALIS GmbH - Responsible for Marketing, Project Management, Consulting and R&D.

Specialises in Laboratory Data Flow, Standards, Archiving and IP Protection

Previously Senior Informatics Marketing Manager with Waters and Product Innovation Manager, Creon·Lab·Control AG

13 years analytical research as group leader Molecular Spectroscopy and Project Area Coordinator for Micro Analytical Methods at ISAS, Dortmund, Germany.

International scientific committee work includes the development of analytical data standards such as IUPAC/JCAMP-DX NMR and MS.

Chairman, IUPAC Subcommittee on Electronic Data Standards (JCAMP-DX Standards) - Initiated the unification of XML Data Dictionaries in Chemistry.

Member ASTM E13 Molecular Spectroscopy and Chromatography and E.13.15 Analytical Mark-up Language Project AnIML

A regular columnist for ‘Spectroscopy Europe’ on computing in analytical science and data handling.

In 1996 coined term SLIMS for LIMS applications with rich analytical content such as spectra

2001 invited to take up position of External Professor in the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Glamorgan, UK


ALIS GmbH maintains a network of professional associates with specialist knowledge on specific areas such as Oracle DBA, software development and configuration, IP protection and legal issues, deployment product specialists and sales support.

These associates are called upon on a project-by-project basis as required by the ALIS core team or our customers.