Adobe and FDA Compliance

Storing your information in PDF files has been seen for a long time as an easy way to meet many governmental agency requirements for the long-term storage of electronic records. Indeed widespread governmental recognition of Adobe's electronic signature technology as being compliant to eSignature law has made the use of PDF files the solution of choice across all industries.

Single Signatures

The use of electronic signatures is remarkably simple for the users. Even the Adobe Reader has the functionality to sign and store rights-enabled PDF files avoiding the need to deploy expensive dedicated client-sided solutions.

Multiple Signatures

Where multiple signoff and witnessing are required to meet your compliance criteria this is also covered by standard functionality of the Adobe eSignature technologies. Each signature can cover the whole or specific sections of a document. A key requirement where different laboratory staff have to sign for their own results section in a complex report - without having to take legal responsibility for sections for which they know nothing.

Signature triggering Workflow

With the Adobe LiveCycle the eSignature workflows within your organization can be automated. Workflow tracking provides peace of mind that key documents have been signed by the right people and on-time. Failure or delays in your processes can be clearly followed and mechanisms such as document re-routing built in to ensure you remain compliant - and in a discovery/research environment - that the documentation supporting your patents have the earliest possible signature date. No more end-of-the-month signing parties!