Document Security

Probably one of the most powerful features of the Adobe LiveCycle ES solution suite is the area of document security.

Full encryption of the PDF content is an obvious starting point which, coupled with the capability of the digital signature field to graphically display when the document has been altered after signing, are the features most commonly recognized.

At the lowest level the ability to stop readers of the PDF file from printing copies not only can contribute signifacantly to the protection of your intellectual property from casual theft. Another useful feature is that you can be sure that your laboratory staff are always using the latest version of a critical SOP. However, this may be impractical in your working environment so why not allow the PDF to be downloaded and read by recognised authorised users but with an expiry date after which the document becomes unreadable - printing could also be allowed but with a clear header or watermark stating who printed the document and that it expires on a particular date?

The key here is to remember that the security is embeded within the PDF file and not dependent on contact to the originating server.