Rights Enabled PDF

Rights Enabled PDFs have additional functionality embedded within the PDF Document which allow your standard Adobe PDF Reader users to carry out tasks normally restricted to users of Adobe Acrobat.

The additional functionality available in Adobe Reader when working with Rights Enabled PDF files include:

  • Digitaly signature.
  • Full commenting functionality including highlighting, ading sticky notes, markups.
  • Import and export comments and form data.
  • Save the edited PDF documents with the new content to hard disk.

To view what functionality has been enabled in a particuklar PDF document:

  1. Load the PDF document into Adobe Reader which will display the Rights dialog box with different messages depending on rights enabled.
  2. Select the menu File > Document Properties > Security tab where the Document Restrictions Summary displays current usage rights for the PDF file.

Enabling PDF Documents for Team Review

Commenting in a PDF file can be enabled so that Adobe Reader users can add their comments to a PDF file such as an SOP or analytical report in a Shared Review.

The PDF document should be emailed out to the reviewers for Share Review and specific instructions and toolbars appear in Adobe Reader. Once you have completed your review clicking on Publish Comments returns this information to the review initiator.